Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Slab of Chocolate and a Packet of Biscuits Angry !

I have been on Lite n Easy for a while now. Two years ago the whole family did LnE and all did really well on it. Unfortunately, I did not manage to maintain my loss and put back about 15kgs which is what I am trying to lose now - plus a little more for insurance !

There have been some issues with incorrect meals delivered or items missed but I have worked with it because this really is the program that works for me. It allows me to eat healthy food and allows me the time I need to do the exercising that I want.

Initially, our food was delivered by midday. Then it was delivered by 2pm. Then it was delivered between 3.30 and 4pm - this was starting to cut it a bit fine as I finish work at 4pm. Today it arrived at 5.20pm - and I had to hang around at work until then or else cancel my order for the week which meant I would have had to go to the shops tonight to buy food so that I had something to eat tomorrow.

What really p*ssed me off was when I called at 4pm to ask where my food was I was told that they couldn't tell me when it would be delivered and then got a little shirty with me when I told them that wasn't acceptable and to please get hold of the driver and find out. After holding for ages, they said it would be delivered between 5 and 5.30. What could I do ?

I called back a couple of minutes later and asked to speak to a supervisor - I was basically told that they understood the issue but there was nothing they could do. Eventually they said that they would get a supervisor to call me back (I reckon it was just another lady in the office) because when she called she said that she understood how difficult it was but there was absolutely nothing they could do. I asked if I could drive and meet the driver somewhere - absolutely not ! Clearly their "we will do whatever we can" didn't extend to actually doing anything more than saying they understand my predicament. She asked why I didn't get it delivered to my home - because my dogs would have it eaten within 5 mins and there is nowhere to leave it without it being visible to anyone walking past in the road - plus it would be in the sun from when it was delivered to when we got home. She said, as did the other lady, that they would mention it to their manager and my response was that they didn't give a rats butt about the problems of any of their customers and that if there was ANYONE who offered a similar service I would move in a minute. She didn't seem in the least bit worried about it - probably because they have the monopoly - and she didn't give a rats butt !!

My food eventually arrived at 5.20pm, the driver was really apologetic - but at the end of the day it isn't his fault - he is only delivering it. But he did say that he normall does 100-110 deliveries in a day and that today he had 135 to do. He said that the annoying thing was that they (the drivers) have told the office before to schedule deliveries to business' to be done during office hours - clearly they don't listen to their drivers or their customers !!!

I was so angry - all I could think about was what I could eat to make me feel better, on another level I KNEW that nothing I ate would make me feel better and that not eating anything was the answer. Actually, the answer was to come home, unpack my food, get changed and power walk 5kms in 45 mins - I still felt angry about what had happened but I didn't resort to stuffing my face to make me feel better - have I finally accepted that eating does not make my problems an easier to deal with ? Losing weight doesn't mean my problems are resolved, it just means I am thinner when I am resolving them just as stuffing my face doesn't make my problems disappear it just means I have to deal with the self loathing on top of resolving the problem at hand.

(A definite plus was not having a slab of chocolate or a packet of biscuits in the house and I didn't even consider stopping at the shop to buy said evil things !)

TFTD : Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter - Martin Luther King


  1. What a pain in the butt, and good for you not succumbing to the chocolate or biscuits...... Have an awesome day :)

  2. Testing to see if the comments are working as other bloggers are having trouble to leave comments here.

  3. Well done for not buying rubbish to eat on the way home. If there is chocolate in the cupboard it is almost impossible to resist.
    SO annoying about your order delivery. They obviously need to employ more dellivery drivers during work hours. As you say, it is a pity they have the monopoly. We can't even get it delivered at all here in Tasmania.

  4. You've got to feel sorry for their drivers. They're obviously working for a very poorl managed company and proably hear a string of complaints every day from customers. How stressful would that be day in and day out? I hope you're more relaxed today and got that walk in!


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