Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Sandstone Letterbox

About 3 or 4 years ago we started off doing a $6,000 pool renovation which turned into a $30,000 complete outside renovation which, I might add, we are extremely happy with. It has made our outdoor entertaining area much more user friendly and we have certainly got our money's worth out of what we did.

The pool from our dining room door

BUT, when you drive up to our driveway, we still have the cr*ppy black iron postbox that was here when we bought the house except that instead of being in the ground, it has been cemented not a plant pot. We have been looking for a sandstone postbox since then to replace this eyesore outside our garden.

A few weeks ago we went up to Eumundi one Saturday. It was a long day and on our way home, A decided that we should come home via the Logan Road as he knew that the sandstone place was 'somewhere along there - I'll recognise it when I see it' ! Add an extra 40 mins to our journey home and by the time we get to the Springwood turn off, he says 'I can't find it here - maybe it is on the Ipswich road'. OK but we are not looking for it now - let's just get home. So we go home.

On 2nd January, he suggests we take a drive up to Ipswich to see if we can see the sandstone place. Do you know where it is? Not exactly but when we are on the road I am sure I will recognise it. OK so off we go. I land up falling asleep and a few hours later wake up when we are filling up with petrol - still no sign of the sandstone place.

Move forward to Saturday of the same week, and I have a client booked in and then a catch up coffee afterwards so A takes himself off to see if he can find the sandstone place again - he comes home later - no luck !!!

This morning he wakes up and says "Let's go to look at letterboxes today". My first question (as you can expect) is "Do you know where we are going ?". "Yes I do". So off we go - AND WE FIND IT !! And the post boxes they have are just what we want only bigger. We talk to the guy and they can pretty much make them any size - sooooooooo we are going to measure up to see what size we need and find out how much it will cost. He also said they do kitchen benches and splash backs - decisions, decisions - do we go to Canada for our 25th wedding anniversary or get the kitchen redone ??? OK not really a choice - the holiday it is BUT when we win Lotto, one of the first phone calls will be to this guy to come and measure up my kitchen !

This is very similar to the letterbox that we want

These are the sandstone letterboxes they currently have in their yard

Have you had an experience of not being able to find something / somewhere (technically this wasn't me who couldn't't find this place but I still haven't found K's Christmas present that I hid in a really safe place a couple of weeks before Christmas !!)

TFTD : It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to - Unknown


  1. Love those letterboxes and the pool is amazing. I have done that many a time saying to David yes I know where it is getting to where I thought and going oooppppsssss maybe it is not where I thought, drive around and cant find it lol...

    1. Thanks Jackie - we do like the way the outside entertainment / pool area has turned out. Now that we are no longer both packing shelves in the evenings, I am hoping that we will start to use it a bit more !

  2. that letter boxes are fabulous and your Pool.... GORGEOUS. i laugh because we did the same thing. Put a pool in which we had budgeted for and then decided we needed to redo the whole backyard to match the nice new pool. lol. Looks fabulous though hun well done. xxx

    1. Isn't it funny - I don't think I have spoken to anyone about renovations where they have said "Oh yes, we came in on budget" !! Even with our bathroom I built in quite a big contingency and we still managed to go over - not by much but over none the less. Worse than that was probably the timing with people not delivering when they shoudl or delivering the wrong items etc - drove me nuts !!!! I said I would rather poke myself in the eye with a blunt stick that do renos again but I know that the family bathroom and the kitchen are going to have to be done at some point - uuurrrgghhhhh !


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