Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I Suck At This !

I suck at losing weight - I am no good at this right now.  Why ?  Is it the pill talking or is this me talking ? I am hoping that it is the pill because if this is how I am going to be, I will be the size of a house in no time at all.  I was doing so well until I lost the plot yesterday afternoon when A couldn't make a stupid decision !  It wasn't hard - did he want to pick up the microwave which had been taken in for repairs or did he want me to pick it up ? Not difficult A !!!!  Anyway after saying he would do it and me getting to my exit off the freeway he decides that maybe it would be better for me to pick it up.  So I turn around to go back down past where I have already come from.  They have moved so I go to the wrong place.  Call A to find out where to go because now that I have got to the wrong place and I can see that the road name is not the one he mentioned - no referdex in the car - why - I have no bloody idea because it should be there - and the GPS has karked it and isn't working - finally get there and it is absolutely p*ssing down with rain.

Sheltered parking - of course not ?  Get saturated running into the shop front.  Get the microwave and get even more wet getting it onto the backseat of the car.  Not happy Jan - now I am wet and I have to have the aircon on because the windscreen is fogging up so now I am cold as well.  Add to this a touch of anger and I stop at the shop and buy a Pixie Caramel and a Dairy Milk bar - because those will really help me feel better - NOT !!!!!!  But I ate them anyway - the worst part was I didn't enjoy them nearly as much as I thought I would.

Go to my folks to drop of the bloody L&E eskies so I am not stuck at work until 5.30 again this week - they want me to sit and chat - I want to get home because I am angry and wet and cold.  Get home just in time to get changed to go to training.  Poor trainer had he cr*p boxed out of his hands last night - I did feel a bit better afterwards.

Got home, showered and went to bed with The Hunger Games which K has borrowed from a friend because when she went to put a hold on it at the library she was 88th in the queue !!!  Then the eating continued - did I eat dinner - no why eat dinner when I can have chocolate covered muesli bars and take pieces of Australian cake out the freezer and wait for them to thaw before eating those ?

Then this morning I take out another two pieces of Australian cake to eat at work because it is going to be a cr*p day anyway !  I am in the office by myself - the one director who was in today has gone out - not sure when he will be back so at least it is nice and peaceful for now - no tradies - just me !  Wallowing at my own little pity party - should have brough some of my #janphotoaday guilty pleasure with me although would have hated to see how I drove home if I had had that here today !!!!
On top of all of this I am trying to pay for some advertising with a credit card that I know has got enough credit limit on it and it won't go through !!!!!  UUUUUUUURGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH universe - what karma is coming back to bite me on the butt ???????

Have a wonderful Australia Day everyone !!!!!  To those people in the Qld flooding areas - take care.

TFTD (courtesy of Lyndaal) To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe - Anatole France


  1. oh bless... you poor thing! You had every right to be angry and frustrated - who wouldnt be! I dont have much to say except you are an awesome beautiful woman, so keep hanging in there because you bring so much brightness with your kind words and support xxx

    1. Thanks for this Lyndal - I got your comment on my phone - brought tears to my eyes !!!! I was waiting at the PO trying to sort a bill out only to find that the limit on my debit card wasn't high enough to pay the bill !!!! So have to up that now and then go back on my way home from work - hoping that the rain won't be back at that time.

      I know that this will pass - I am just having heaps of difficulty dealing with it now. I am not used to having PMS like this - the mood and the eating is just phenomenal - I definitely can't deal with this every month so going to have to do something quick smart about it.

      Thanks again for your lovely comments and the great times we have had a twitter - I really do enjoy the connection !

      Have a great afternoon and an even better evening !!!!!!

  2. I got soaked with the shopping the other day too totally sucky - and I haven't been eating fantastically this week and I have a big pimple in the middle of my forehead! How good is the hunger games though!

    1. I am really enjoying The Hunger Games - can't put down in a different way to the Twilight series. Can't wait for Monday and the start of million kilo challenge - I feel like I need more accountability for what I am doing (or not doing !!).

      Have a great weekend !


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