Thursday, 5 January 2012

A New Year

Well, it is now 4 - no 5 seeing as it is after midnight - days into 2012 and what have I done about the weight I collected from Christmas - NOTHING !  But, I am OK with that.  I knew I was going to pick up some of the weight I had worked so hard at losing - even though I said I wanted to maintain.  It is impossible to maintain any weight whilst partaking in Amarula, grainwaves, chocolates, ice-cream,  home made pizza and the like.  Note to self - eating chocolate on the promise that I will go for a walk later really doesn't cut it !!!!

But, I am not unhappy with what I did.  There were times of mindless eating (which I really need to bring into check starting now - having just eaten a packet of grainwaves over the course of about 3 hrs !!!) and there were times when I could have exercised but I didn't.  I would LOVE to say that is all going to STOP here and now but in all honesty, I will probably get caught doing it a couple of times in the future.  All that I am asking of myself is that I don't beat myself up when I realise that I have done it.

LnE was delivered today and tomorrow I am back on track.  I know that I can do this because I have done it before.  I know that I can do this because it is something that I REALLY and TRULY want.  I know that I can do this because this is my year - my year for getting to a weight that I am happy at and learning how to maintain it.

This is my year for making sure that we save every brass farthing (OK, every cent - but that really doesn't sound as dramatic does it ?) that we possibly can to make sure that we get to go to Canada later this year rather than sitting in our bathroom for our anniversary.  I was very disappointed to learn that we will not be able to take the train trip through the Rockies as the train trip doesn't run during winter - BUGGER !!!!  Oh well, A will have to just drive us through (I suppose there will be someone who will point out that it is probably too dangerous to drive but hey, what is life is we are not living on the edge ?????)

I have a loose exercise plan in my head that I am going to formalise at some point in the near future - as soon as I get around to it.  I have a firm eating plan organised which I am following from tomorrow (excluding weekends for which I still need to make a firm eating plan that doesn't take me too far off track from the good I have accomplished during the week).

I have a 3/4 finished bathroom which, once I have a spare minute, I will get finished.  All that is waiting for me to do is get the window frame sanded and painted (yes, I was supposed to do that during the Christmas break - along with our tax returns and BAS return and filing of papers and general tidy up - but I decided to have a break instead and so those chores are still waiting for me to do them !!!), the door frame and bedroom walls which were fixed need to be painted, we still need to find towel rails, toilet roll holder, soap dish and shower shelf (long story as to why we don't have those yet but I won't bore you with the details) and the little stand thingy that we bought because the vanity is so big doesn't look quite right so that has to be moved out and something else bought.

We had a great time up at the Eumundi markets on Saturday.  I bought some bamboo pants and a new top to wear when treating clients and they are so comfy - that pants that is - the top is comfy but nothing like the pants !!!!  Probably a dangerous thing because now every time I go up there I am going to be wanting to add to my wardrobe.  We also bought some things from a store called Harris and Scarfe which I have never seen before - had heaps of fun in there and got two tops for $9 each and two sports bras for $49 marked down from $78 - they are so comfy for exercising in - can't wait to run in them !!!!!

OK - it is now just after 12.30am and probably time for me to go to bed.  I started work today and man it was a madhouse - probably should have gone in yesterday - oh well, A and I had a great day yesterday so I didn't really mind the madhouse today given the great day I had with him yesterday.

Here's to a fantabulous 2012 - I KNOW that this is going to be my year because I am going to MAKE it my year - come along for the ride if you are game !!!

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Your life is a success when you can look in the mirror and love who and what you see.  ( I LOVE this thought !!!)


  1. I'm so glad you are going to Canada for your anniversary - I know bathrooms are important but what fantastic memories you will have from the trip to talk about in your golden years!!

    Your pants sound amazing - and if I was being my normal self I probably would have asked my sister to go and get me a pair from the next markets - but as I'm stepping out of the comfort zone they won't be for me!

    Re the kayak - the phsyio said due to the stupid back it wold be a good thing - so yes I think you should look into it ... you could just go on the broadwater - I'm loving it, apart from the hassle of getting them on and off the car.


  2. Going to make this my year I am along for the ride.

    Canada is our dream trip too...


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