Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Fantastic Day !

A big thanks to Sass from MooZooDesigns for the new look of my blog. She has also designed my webpage if you would like to hop over using the link on the side of my blog. I love the fee of both of them - she really 'got' what I wanted.

Well today has just been fantastic ! Although I didn't manage to catch up with Julie, which was disappointing but totally understandable given how much she was trying to fit into one weekend, I did get to treat two clients - one at 7.30am and one at 11.30am. In between we had an appointment with the travel agent who gave us heaps of ideas about what we could do on our holiday.

Then after my second client was finished her treatment, we went out for lunch and a chin wag. We never say goodbye without us both having sore tummy muscles because we just laugh so much when we are together.

This evening I have been invited by DD to go to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with herself and a friend from work (not sure what I did to deserve an invite - maybe because we are going to the 8.45pm movie so not much chance anyone will see her arriving with her Mom ?) so that should be interesting. I have seen the Swedish version so will be interested to see the English version.

Nothing planned for tomorrow -hoping to have a quiet day around the pool and maybe tackle the washing that has piled up but it won't be dashing around anywhere (well at least there is n dashing around planned - that could all change in a heart beat !)

Have the best Sunday possible !

TFTD : The best way to get what you want is to realise you already have it - Alan Cohen


  1. Oh my gosh, I love todays Quote from Alan Cohen.. I might have to borrow it!!A quiet day by the pool is my plan for tomorrow, probably with some stitching in hand.

  2. The new design looks quite spiffy...
    Hope your weekend is a good one :-)

  3. Just checked out your web page. It looks fantastic! :-)

  4. Love the new look blog and your website looks great. Let me know what the movie was like-all the reviews say it is great but having seen the swedish version I don't want to be disappointed. Enjoy your day by the pool!

  5. Forget the washing, it can wait, enjoy time with the family instead. Love, love, love the new look, it's gorgeous, very fresh and relaxing xx

  6. Sass is an absolute legend. She did my blog too and I am still in love with it. She has done such a fantastic job on yours and your website looks fabulous too. xx


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