Friday, 6 January 2012

Things I Know

Linking up with Kellie for things I know today !

I know that if I eat too much I will not lose weight - nor will I maintain it - and, I also acknowledge that what has been done has been done and that it can be undone by exercise and eating sensibly now - so that is what I am doing - starting with exercise last week and eating yesterday.

I know that this is my year - to get to a healthy weight and be fit enough to go to Canada in December this year.

I know that I am going to take a positive approach to as much as I can this year.

I know that I can be as happy as I want to be - I decide how I feel and I don't have to let others influence what I am feeling.

I know that this is going to be a good year because, as usual, I didn't make any resolutions and so I won't get to the end of January feeling like a failure because my resolutions have gone down the toilet.  I am going to have realistic expectations and reset goals when / if circumstances change.

It is possible to do all of this - I need to stay focused on what I want to achieve !

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Find your passion.  Never believe anyone who tells you that because you are a woman, you cannot do, be or accomplish anything you want - Condoleezza Rice


  1. I know you have a wonderful attitude. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses as you have a fantastic year

  2. it is TOTALLY possible! looking forward to reading your journey there!

  3. You will totally rock this year hun with that fabulous attitude xx MWah Happy New Year

  4. Keep up the great work! You've inspired me to try to get in better shape :)

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone - looking forward to a fantastic 2012 !


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