Saturday, 7 January 2012

Things I Love or Which Make Me Happy !

I know that some of these are corny but it doesn't make them any less true :

I LOVE ............

1. - A with all my heart, body and soul. He is my best friend, my husband and my soul mate.

2. - K and would do anything to protect her from the big bad world BUT she is going to have to learn to deal with life herself and make her way in the big bad world with our love and support - I can't keep her wrapped up in cotton wool forever !

3. - the smell of grass that has just been cut.

4. - an ice-cold cold drink (but not cold water !)

5. - the taste of ice-cream as it slides down my throat - especially if it is Baskin & Robbins ice-cream !

6. - getting mail - snail mail or e-mail.

7. - trying on clothes and having to go back to get a smaller size.

8. - finding blogs that make me laugh.

9. - listening to children laugh from their bellies and remembering how K used to do that when she was little.

10. - watching an exciting game of baseball, AFL, league, 20/20 cricket or ODI.

11. - catching up with friends and laughing big belly laughs myself.

12. - getting on the scales and seeing the numbers going down.

13. - walking into a perfume shop.

14. - exercising and feeling those endorphins kick in.

15. - training for a 50km bike ride and the sense of pride and achievement when I completed said ride.

16. - living in a street with lovely neighbours who meet in the road and sit in driveways talking and drinking until the small hours of the morning.

17. - coming home to the unconditional love of two dogs (even though I am not an animal person).

18. - having had eye surgery so that I am no longer this close to being classified as legally blind.

19. - working for a company where the bosses really appreciate my contribution to the business.

20. - waking up on Saturday (or Sunday), thinking it is Friday, and then realising it is Saturday and I don't have to get up and dash off to work - I only need to get up to go exercising or grocery shopping or paying bills or doing the laundry or chores around the house!

21. - finding a new author whose books I enjoy reading.

22. - getting an 'I love you' phone call out of the blue.

23. - finding $5 in a pocket (would love it to be $500 but unless I had the $500 to start with, I am not likely to find $500 in a pocket and I probably would have missed the $500 to start with anyway !!)

24. - newly painted toe nails (used to love painted finger nails until I qualified as a reflexologist and massage therapist and I can't have long nails anymore - not unless I want to stab people !!)

25. - fresh flowers in our home and the smell of incense burning, cleansing the energy around us.

Have a fantabulous weekend and take care. Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Faith goes up the stairs that love has built and looks out the window which hope has opened - Charles Spurgeon


  1. What a wonderful list! I loved all of them! The cornier the better I say.

  2. Thank you for commenting on my now I have found your blog too :)
    Great post - I love learning bout people through lists like positive!


  3. Hi Vic - can't seem to access your blog - any chance you can send me the website ?
    Thanks and have a great weekend !


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