Monday, 28 November 2011

Bugger, Poo, Bum

Clearly the universe wasn't too keen on my happiness over the weekend because today I was brought right down to earth - yip, could have been worse, but also could have been a whole lot better.

Called the osteo this morning - he can only see me Thursday.  Called the dr - he can see me tomorrow so I book the appointment.  Then at about 11.15am I get a call from the osteo, he has had a cancellation for 12, can I get there - yes thanks I can.  Off I got - he is amazed at the change in my body shape - I can't see it.  He tells me about three times he can't believe the change in my body shape.  I start to feel good because I really haven't been able to see it myself but start to believe him.

The long and the short of my knee issue - I have tendinosis - chronic tendinitis.  Thanks so much for that Mrs Knee !!!!!!  Apparently I have put too much strain on it too quickly i.e. I have upped my training quicker than this old body can cope with it and so it is breaking down - once again, excellent work and thank you Mrs Knee !!!!  Treatment ? Take it easy and if I am doing something that makes it sore, stop and if it isn't sore - honestly - I can carry on.  I also need to do some eccentric loading of my quads.  He has recommended that I still see the dr tomorrow and maybe have a scan just to make sure that everything else is OK as it also looks like there is cartilage degeneration (thanks to my age for this one !!!).  So, I am going to have to start looking after myself just a tad more than I do at the moment otherwise I am going to be very sorry !!!!!!

Then, on the way back to work from the osteo, I got one of those heart stopping phone calls from K "Hi Mom, I've just had an accident.  I'm OK but the car isn't that good."  K, my dearly beloved, thinks she is totally invincible, know it all, 19 year old.  So, I tell her to call A to sort out where to be towed to etc.  Anyway, long story short, he goes to see what has happened and they get the car to the preferred repairer for the insurance company we are with.  Then she had to go to Caboolture with him because someone broke an antenna and he had to take one up there to replace it - they are still not home - not sure when they will be.  I was fine until I stopped to see my folks on my way home from work and then I lost the plot a little when my Mom came out and opened my door and she was crying !!!  Anyway, stayed there about an hour (no point in dashing home) and then came home after that.  Unfortunately I stopped to fill up and landed up buying 2 x Curly Wurly's and 1 x Chomp - because they were on special - and then got home and ate them and some grainwaves.  So figure in terms of calories my dinner is done - not so good from a nutritional value but figure sometimes things happen and I need to just accept what has happened and move on.  On the up side, I nearly bought a whole thing of Darrel Lee rocky road which was in the servo !!!! So maybe the CW and C weren't so bad after all !!!!!

Needless to say, no training tonight - I am sitting here icing my knee currently (this is to keep A happy more than anything else - I haven't noticed that it makes any difference and the osteo said that it may or may not help - I don't think it is helping but it makes A happy so I will continue to do it for a few nights) and balancing K's laptop on my other leg.  I was just thinking the other day about what I wished for - and one of the things I wanted was to start getting out of my comfort zones ?  It has just struck me that maybe this is me getting my wish - I wondered how I would deal with it if I was injured and couldn't train - what would I do ?  Well, that is sort of true - I haven't been told I can't train but I have been told that I have to slow my training down because my body is not changing as fast as I am expecting it to and this is the result.  How do I slow down when all I want to do is speed it up ?  I guess I am going to find out over the next couple of weeks. 

Any advice from anyone who has been really into their training and then had to pull back because of injury ?

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Love does not require analysis, just appreciation.


  1. Oh poor you...... what a day figure today can only be better :-). As for training sorry no advice there trying to get my head around my own issues there. Have an awesome day though.

  2. The best thing is K was ok and didn't require medical attention.
    i can understand your reaction though. I went through it with my son and its gut wrenching.

    Here's hoping Mrs Knee won't lay you up for too long.

    And stay away from those damn Curly Wurlys!!!!!!!


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