Monday, 21 November 2011

Why So Blue ?

I wish I knew why I was feeling so blue today - in the past 2 days 3 people have commented on the fact that I am losing weight.  On Saturday I bought some size 14 togs - that fit me !!! And I have some size 12 pants that I am fitting into - why on why do I feel like it is all too hard and everything is getting too much for me ??????  Could it be just Mondayitis ?

This is just how I feel - blue and alone
 and I shouldn't, because I have so much going for me.

Update at 8pm : Went for a run when I got home - 3.4km at 6'29" per km - broke the 6'30" but still feel like cr*p - was really hoping that the run would help to get me out the funk and clear my head - it didn't.  I have had a shower and am going to go to bed very soon.

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