Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Life Is Good !

Things have been a tad hectic in the M household BUT I have managed to keep up with my exercise, good eating and good drinking.  I am even managing to get through at least 1L of water a day !

Tomorrow I am hoping to be a 70's girl but have decided that if I am not, all will not be lost (no pun intended), because if it doesn't show this week, it will show next week or the week after or the week after that (geez, I hope it doesn't take that long !!!)

The good thing is that I have noticed how much fitter I am.  We cycled the other day and managed a good 22.5kph and my legs didn't feel nearly as fatigued as they used to when we cycled and we would never have maintained that sort of speed given the head wind we were cycling into.  So it is all good !!!!

And for that I am grateful.  (Plus K managed to sell her car last night - and I am EXTREMELY grateful for that !!!)

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : The first step to waking up is the discovery that you have been asleep - Alan Cohen

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