Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kill the Friggin' Bird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke (for no apparent reason) at 2.11am.  This bird, in the trees at the back of our home, was calling for it's Mom, Dad, brother, sister, aunty, uncle, cousin - NOBODY is coming you stupid bloody bird.  After nearly 2 hrs of calling - YOU ARE ALONE IN THIS WORLD and if you continue the way you are, you may not be of this world for much longer.

Nobody loves you - go to sleep - properly.  Don't lull me into a false sense of thinking that you have finally given your last call for someone to come and stay with you.  If I did love you at the beginning of the night, I friggin' HATE you now.  At 2.11am, I had had approximately 90 mins of sleep - it is now 4.10am and I have still only had 90 mins of sleep.

If we were still in South Africa, I would have taken our 38 Special and shot you, but we no longer own a gun so I have to make do with putting the pillow over my head but somehow you manage to penetrate that with your call of desparation.

I NEED TO SLEEP - can you please, pretty please, SHUT UP !!  I really would appreciate it - especially at 2 or 3pm this afternoon when I am trying very hard to stay awake at work.  Or even worse, at 8.30 when I trying to keep my eyes open to finish with my last client.

(Maybe the bird can read - I haven't heard a call for a couple of minutes so I am going to sneak back to bed and hopefully get another 90 mins of sleep before I have to get up and face the day !)

Update :   That stupid bird went to sleep but as, by that time of the day, dawn was breaking, all his 'friends' who had completely ignored him fron 2am - 4am, decided that they would get up and whistle us into a new day - BLOODY STUPID BIRDS - don't they know that some of us have to get some sleep so that we can work to put food on the tables for our little cherubs !

Today should be a fun day - not !!!


  1. We have a bird that used to do that outside our bedroom window !!!

    Not no more thou !!!

  2. Not sure but it could be a Koel. My sister has been complaining about them too in another part of qld. I think we are used to them here and hardly hear them anymore. It will move on as this is just part of its migration.
    Hope you get some sleep soon.

  3. I was totally spluttring my vodka reading this. Too funny! xx


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