Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Loss is A Loss

Well, 0.4kgs is less than what I was hoping for and less than what the scale said I had lost yesterday morning but I have come to accept that the scales can't rule my life (even though I let them the other day when I lost my mojo after they gave me the most unacceptable number when I got onto them that morning), so long as they are moving in the right direction I will be happy with what they say.

I will continue to aim to exercise 5 days out of 7 and give myself at least one rest day per week.

This week I ordered 7 days of L&E in a bid to get to be a 70's girl by next week but promise  hope not to beat myself up if that doesn't happen.

Gotta dash - busy with month end !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : Half an hour's meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy.  Then a full hour is needed. - St Francis de Sales


  1. I need to lose a lot of weight. Yet trying to lose the weight I gained during the summer.

  2. Well done on the loss..sending positive vibes to you, 70's here you come !!

  3. You have a goal, you have worked out the action plan, you plan to 'do it' :-) Your journey is well defined :-) enjoy the journey and don't forget you are beautiful at any size and you are more than a number on the scales...

    however that number will become what ever is important to you, you can control it. :-) Have fun getting the number you are after. We all chase a number that's important to us, in one way or another. Only those who set the goal and plan and act on the action plan as you are doing achieve them :-). You are a winner already.

  4. I can see you hitting the 70's next week - easy!!! Well done on the weight loss - so good that you have only gone down. I go up down down up down up

  5. Keep up the great work hun. You are rocking this! xx


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