Friday, 18 November 2011

Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

I had NO idea that domestic violence and abuse was so prevalent.  Through blogs that I have been reading I have come across so many women and children who have been exposed to domestic violence and abuse and it is just heart breaking to know that this was happening and I had no idea.

Kristin from Wanderlust has organised for 18th November to be Speak Out day for people to tell their stories of domestic violence and abuse and not keep them hidden in places where nobody else can see them.  Like illnesses which can't be seen, this type of abuse is, more often than not, unseen too.  Hence the reason I hadn't realised just how much of an epidemic it was.

While I have no experience of this type of behaviour, I am totally sympathetic to women and children who are in this type of situation and feel awful that someone can inflict this type of behaviour on another human being.

Please, seek help if you are in this situation and don't ever believe that you are worthless and useless - YOU ARE NOT - we all have different talents and just because someone doesn't appreciate what you have to offer, does not lessen what you do have to offer.

In order to honour and show my appreciation for the fact that I married the most wonderful man in the whole world, who does not abuse me in any way, I am going to go home and tell him how much I love and appreciate how special I am to him and how I love and appreciate that he treats me as I deserve to be treated (or if truth be told, he probably treats me better than I deserve to be treated at times !!).


  1. Thanks so much for your post and for encouraging others to speak out. I have left you a comment back on my post about how to use the linky, btw. If you have trouble, feel free to email me or tweet.

  2. Thank you for supporting Speak Out. Here from the link.

  3. I too am going home to say the exact same thing to my love.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.
    Reading about your journey on here and it sounds like you're doing a fab job! Good luck and keep up the great work! xx


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