Friday, 11 November 2011

My Attempt Not to Have a Midnight Snack

OK, technically it isn't midnight yet but it is close enough.  I went to bed angry with K for not doing the chores I asked her to do today and putting up with some cheek that a 19 yo daughter can come up with and now I can't sleep - because I am fuming - and what I really want to do is stuff my face with the junk food that A and K appear to have purchased recently - peanut M&M's, mini Oreo's, black pepper and lime chips, ched biscuits and cheese - all the really good things to eat, especially at close to midnight - when nobody is around to see how much I can stuff in my face.  Instead I am going to sit here and waffle give a recount of my day to keep me away from the food !

This is what my face might have looked like had I not blogged now !

Tonight I went to training (we missed training on Tuesday night because of the KoL concert - well worth missing training for I have to say !!!!) and instead of walking the block before going to train, I decided to run it.  Luckily it is only a 1.15km block because I am not sure I could have run for much longer and then still trained for 30-40 mins after that.  I was really pleased with running 6'12"/km although it is obviously a lot shorter than my other runs - oh how I wish I could run a 5km route at that pace !!!!!  One day !  K piked on me so I went by myself - man do I notice it when K isn't there and the trainer can concentrate on just me !!!!!  But it was good although my arms and legs did feel a little weak the rest of the night.

My arms felt like the arm on the left looks !

That makes it 4/4 and I am hoping to finish work at about 3pm tomorrow so that I can come home and have a run before A and I are off to the Gold Class Lounge at Harbourtown to see Moneyball (I think that is the name of the movie) - it is the movie about the Oakland Athletics baseball side (many years ago).  I have heard that it is a great movie (even if you aren't a baseball fan - but we are HUGE baseball fans) so looking forward to that.

Up until recently I have never really been an exercise person - I would often do it because I knew that it was good for me but I never enjoyed it.  Now I am finding that I am really enjoying it and have to make sure that I give myself a rest day on the weekend so as not to over do it.  I think that is so cool - I am exercising because I enjoy the feeling that I get from doing it not because I feel like I have to.

After training tonight, I came home and ate and showered and then we went to Australia Fair as I had recently bought a light little jacket to wear over sleeveless tops because I feel that I am at the age where I would prefer to cover up my arms rather than not.  It is so comfy and so light and I got a $10 discount voucher from Katie's so thought I would go and see what other colours they have (I have a black one - of course !!!) - anyway, the Katie's at AF didn't have any so think I will try the one at Robina tomorrow to see if they have any. After that we went to KMart to get A a luminous long sleeve shirt for work as his work ones are so hot.  We got him one of these the other day and he said that it was much cooler, so for $9 we bought him another one.  While we were there we saw some sleeveless running tops for me for $10 and he found me a pair of running 3/4 pants for $15.  I wasn't going to try them on (I absolutely loathe clothes shopping and having to try clothes on) but eventually I did and we landed up buying them.  I used to run in some pants that I bought from Target and they were good (at least that is what I thought) until we went on a Nike shopping expedition a few weeks/months - can't remember when - ago, and I bought a pair of their 3/4 running pants - $40 marked down from $50 as we got discount for buying 3 pairs of running shoes and a whole heap of clothes between us.  Man, they are so comfortable, I land up washing nearly every night just so that they can get washed and be dry, ready for me to use the next night !!!!!!  So will try the new pants and tops out tomorrow night unless A finishes work early too in which case we will probably go for a cycle and I won't get to try them out until next week ! (Tried to find some pics on the KMart website but they don't have any pics of women's clothing !!!)

This is the top that I want to buy another one of from Katies

On that note I am off to bed (again) - hopefully I will get to sleep this time.  Thank you for making it possible for me NOT to eat anything !

Have a fantastic Friday !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

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  1. Love the Katies top, will have to have a look here.

    Well done for waffling on here and not star for you *


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