Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Weight Loss Gods Are Looking After Me !

Last night A and I went to see Moneyball.  We are a HUGE baseball fan family.  A started playing baseball when he was 3 and only gave up about 5 or 6 years ago.  He has played baseball and softball just about all his life and played softball for South Africa in the World Series in Michigan, USA in 1996 - it was an amazing experience.  I went over for the second week of the tournament and they made it through to the final 8 which was unbelievable given it was the first time they had played in the World Series.  Anyway, I digress.  It was a great movie which I think would be enjoyable even for people who didn't follow baseball.

After a lousy nights sleep the night before I had thought I would leave work at about 3pm so that I could either (a) have a nana nap or (b) go for a run or cycle.  I did neither.  My boss went out at about 2.15 and only got back at 3.15 so I was just packing up when he asked me to do a couple of things for him before I left so I landed up working until about 4.20 - so, no nana nap and no exercise.  Got home in time to get changed and leave to go to the movies.  We decided to have dinner at the movies - so I ordered the chicken wrap which came with some chips AND I ordered sticky date pudding with ice-cream as well.  On top of that we got complimentary popcorn and cold drink.  So, I had about 20 pieces of popcorn and left the rest.  I had the chicken wrap and most of the chips.  And then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And my dessert never arrived.  So after the movie we went to get a refund on the dessert that didn't arrive only to find out that they had delivered it to the wrong table !!!!  How lucky was that because as much as I would have enjoyed it, I probably would have regretted it once I had eaten it.  So now when I go for a run or cycle later this morning, I will be burning off calories that I have already eaten and not my dessert from last night !

Thank you to the Weight Loss Gods for delivering the dessert I ordered to the kids in front of us !!!!

Nothing too exciting planned for the weekend.  I am hoping to make a final decision on the bathroom renovation (or not) and we have someone coming around to see K's car which she is trying to sell.  As much as I love her, if there is anyone who would like to have a sassy 19yo living in their home, please mail me and I will arrange postage of said teenager post haste !!!!!!!  At what age do teenagers actually realise that THEY DON'T KNOW IT ALL - no matter how much they think they do ?????

Looks like I will make my 5/7 days of exercise again this week - gotta love being this motivated.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and take care !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : You do not know the weight of this self you are carrying until you put it down - Zen

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  1. I think the answer to that question is never! J still knows everything and she is 8 years older than K but in the long run they have our interests and well being at heart. LOL.
    Grit your teeth and strap yourself in it's going to be a rough ride. :)


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