Thursday, 10 November 2011

Some Losses !

I stepped on the scale this morning so wishing, hoping, really really expecting to be in the 70's but I wasn't - I was only down 0.1kg from last week.  I was disappointed but A suggested that I measure myself even though I don't feel like my clothes are getting looser at all.  I wasn't keen to measure myself because my clothes aren't any looser on me but I did.  What a LOVELY surprise - I have lost 21cm in 6 weeks !!!!!  I suppose I can't be upset or disappointed with THAT !!!

The only thing is that I have lost 17cm above my hips and only 4cm from my hips down. I never really look at my top - only how my pants fit and clearly they aren't fitting any differently because I have only lost 2cm on my hips, and 1cm on each of my calves and nothing on my thighs.  I have been thinking about it since I measured myself and when I think back, I am sure that this is how I have lost weight previously.  I start losing from my top which is where I am not fussed about and then eventually it starts to move from my lower half which is where I really want it to move from.

Last night A and I went for a cycle - into a really strong head wind - and we cycled 13.5kms at an average a smidge under 20kph, which, given the conditions, I was really happy with.  The thing that really annoys me (well annoys probably isn't the right word but I can't think of another word right now because there is too much noise around the office !!!!!!) is that so often we cycle into a head wind when we leave home (in anticipation of cycling with the wind on our way home) except that when we 'turn', the wind either drops, or changes direction and we cycle in the wind again.  It is a good work out for my legs but sometimes it does make them really tired !!!!! Anyhoo, what I am hoping is that if I can mix up the running, cycling and training the weight will HAVE to come off eventually.

My bike is plain old silver - not pretty pink like this one !!

My eating is spot on, I am now doing L&E 7 days per week without any extra snacks or meals of any kind.  What I need to concentrate on (and it won't be today because I am on my way to Richlands to sort out something with a new system they are wanting to put in) is drinking more water.  I am trying to drink at least 1L of water before I have any soft drinks - not always easy because I LOATHE water with an absolute passion and the only water I will drink is filtered water. (Reminder to self - bring new water filter to work as the one at work is shot !)

On that note, while I still didn't make the 70's this week, I am one happy little 'not so large as I was last week' lady !

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Laughing at our own mistakes can lengthen our own life.  Laughing at someone else's can shorten it - Cullen Hightower


  1. ohhh next week a 70's gir!!

    I try to drink a litre of water on my morning walk :-)

  2. I so hope so - I am going to be working really hard this week to make it happen next week !

    Have a good one !


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