Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Kings of Leon

What a great concert !!!!  We had an absolutely fantastic evening - on the way home K said that she wasn't that excited about going and was thinking "Well that is $90 I've wasted" but she thoroughly enjoyed the show - just like me !  I don't think that A enjoyed it quite as much but that is how it normally goes - he comes with to drive and keep me company if K doesn't come with !!!

I had a great run last night before we left to go up to the concert - 3.34km at 6"45"/km - I was VERY happy with that time !!!  Tonight I think I am going to cycle instead of run - just to mix it up a little.

Feeling on top of the world today - happy hump day everyone !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

Invite fun and joy in your life now.
Play as a child would play, openly and innocently.
Free your adult shackles and create play
without the need for artificial stimulants
to get you there.
Universal Symbols by Ken Dowling


  1. Great to hear the concert was great, and glad the motivation is still there and you are feeling great :-)

  2. I can actually feel the positivity coming out of your post. Great feeling!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your concert - I love the Kings of Leon, when I hear their music it reminds me of the kind of stuff I listened to during high school 5000 years ago.

    Your running times are fantastic - 7 something mins per k is incredible a good one for me is 9 so don't beat yourself up too much. As the saying goes, it doesn't matter how slow you go a mile is still a mile (why is everything in miles??)

    My sister does L&E, but it doesn't work for her, but that's because she eats her L&E meal and then has a heap of snacks as well.

    I don't know why you would not be losing, the body is a strange and works in mysterious ways, it could be so many things - adjustment time, the less you weigh the slower the losses?? What your husband said about gaining muscle while losing muscle may take a while to show on the scales, I could go on, but this isn't my post it's a comment to yours - sorry, I digress so easily. Just give it time and don't get too upset about it, you are doing such a great job and so close to 5 kgs, wooo hooo, well done :)

  4. sorry, I meant gaining muscle while losing fat.

  5. Happy Days!!! Love the image it made me smile. Glad you had a good time at the concert.

  6. Thanks Everyone for the lovely comments.

    Thanks Hippygal !

    Jane, you are right a mile is a mile is a mile - and I shouldn't get hung up on how long it takes. As I said, I have no idea why it has become such a big thing in my life because I am not competitive in any avenue at all !!!! I am off to see a naturopath next week - suggested by the osteo I see - as there may be a reason why the weight is not coming off - will keep you posted. LOL - I did realise you meant losing fat !!!!!

    Sonia - for sure Kings of Leon totally rock - such a great night !

    Sammy - glad to hear I made you smile - have a great day !


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