Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Snoring ?

I would LOVE to have this sign in our bedroom !

Does anyone else suffer with a snoring partner ?  It is enough to drive me INSANE some nights.  As he suffers from asthma, when he gets sick, he snores, and I am very accommodating in this instance. I don't like it, but I understand the reason for it.

When he has a few beers, he snores.  I am not so accommodating in this instance because it is self inflicted.

Some nights he snores for no reason - and not only if he is lying on his back - he can snore on his side, he can snore on his stomach, as long as his eyes are closed, he can snore - AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS !  No amount of pushing, prodding, rolling, tapping, kneeing or touching not so gently with my foot will get him to stop.  Maybe that is a little harsh because I am sure that in most instances he wouldn't snore if he could help it but nonetheless, he can't help it (except when he has had a few beers) and, after nearly 24 years, I guess I don't have much option but to put up with it.  It does make me very cranky - if I could just get to sleep before him, it would help because then he could snore to his hearts content and it doesn't worry me - but he has the gift of lying down, closing his eyes and within 5 secs - literally - he is asleep.  He can fall asleep in the middle of a conversation - when he is the one talking !!!! 

I cannot do that - I lie this way, I turn over, I lie that way, I turn back, I lie on my stomach, I turn over onto my side - I would have to lie in about 6 or 8 different positions before I come even close to falling asleep.  I have very bad sleeping habits which I am working on improving but, man it is hard work and so slow to change !

Any suggestions on getting him to stop snoring ?

Have a fantastic day - love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.


  1. hahahaha!!

    When reading your post, I had visions of a guy talking and then stopping halfway through a sentence and snoring loudly!

    I don't have a partner that snores, but have been known to be a partner that snores. I remember waking up one morning to discover my partner had been forced to sleep in the spare room. I had a cold so apparently the sounds coming out of my nose sounded like a drill. I disputed that, as I know I don't snore. I am a lady after all!!

    My partner has his ipod and headphones beside the bed, and listens to podcasts. He is a gentleman and assures me it's because he likes to listen to them when he can't sleep. But I know it is to drown out the lady snores. (perhaps you could get an iphone and listen to a nice ebook to drown out the noise).
    Good luck!!!

  2. OMG I so get this. My hubby drives me bokers with his snoring,. The only thing that works is to get him to roll on his side, but even then sometimes he still snores.
    I usually give up on the really bad nights and go and sleep in the spareroom, otherwise I just get soooo agitated.

    I hope you are feeling a little brighter today hun xxx

  3. Try those things that you stick across your nose - like bandaids - sportsmen wear them to open up the nostrils. They work for me.

  4. My hubby was the worlds worst snorer and anyone who has shared a house with him knows it. After me putting up with it for 20 years he finally went and had a sleep apnoea test and now wears a mask - the last few months I have had the best sleep I have had in years. I reckon you should go and get him tested. Well done on your loss this week you are going great guns!


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