Friday, 18 November 2011

A Sad Day and A Great Day !

Today has been a really mixed day for me.  Today I spent a lot of my day reading about domestic violence and abuse as a result of the Speak Out campaign organised by Kristin of Wanderlust - so much of it happens - and I had no idea that this happened in so many homes.  I knew that I had lead a very sheltered life but I didn't realise just how sheltered it had been. My Dad never abused my Mom in any way, shape or form - I never even heard him raise his voice to her or us kids.  We did get a good couple of smacks as kids but to me, there is a difference between discipline and abuse, and he never crossed that line.  My Mom would shout at us - as Mom's do - and she would smack us - as Mom's do.  I had a rule when K was little that I would not hit her with my hands because my hands were for loving and wooden spoons were for smacking - and it never did her any harm - well not that I can see.  Now when we talk she knows that we mean what we say and we don't have to use the wooden spoon anymore which is good because now she is 19 yo she is probably too old for a smack !!!!

I am going to be thinking about what I can do to help victims of domestic violence and will hopefully come up with a plan in the next week or so.

Then the great side of my day was coming home and exercising.  I was talking to a client the other night and he said that after 21 days things become a habit and I realised that that was what had happened to me - I am now in the habit of exercising - AND I LOVE IT !!!  I love the endorphins that it produces.  I love how they make me feel.  Tonight I did a mini bi-athlon (it took me a while to come up with the right word - actually I never even came up with the bi-athlon - I was thinking du-athlon and couldn't think of anything else until I asked A while we were cycling !!) I ran 3.38km at - wait for it - drum roll please - 6'32"/km - with no walking - go me !!!!  And then we got home and I changed into cycling pants and we cycled 14.4km at 20.6kph.  I feel so good.  I said if only competitions were in those sort of lengths - I don't think I will find any race that is only 3km run and 15km cycle - no way I can do a tri-athlon because if I had to swim anything further than the 8m of our swimming pool, I wouldn't be able to run or cycle - and they always have the swim first so I would be stuffed before I even started the other segments.  But, definitely something that I think I might look into - it would be so cool to train for an event rather than just running and cycling because I need to exercise.  (Quick question - if I run and cycle on the same night does that count as two exercise sessions ?)

When I uploaded my run from tonight - I saw the following statistics on my Nike+ site :
- I have had 20 recorded runs
- I have run for 8 hrs and 22 mins
- I have run 72.38kms in total
- I have run at an average of 6'56" per km
- I have burnt 6,019 calories

Yesterday I went to see a naturopath at the recommendation of the osteopath that I see.  She was amazing (and not just because of the nice things she told me !!!).  She took a sample of blood - I thought that I might be dead because my red blood cells were not moving - they are supposed to move - but it appears that I must be dehydrated which means they slow down stop moving altogether.  BUT I have great white blood cells and my omegas are great.  Then she took photos of my eyes - I have a strong constitution - don't get sick but watch out if I do get sick (absolutely me), like processes and lists and doing the right thing (killed myself laughing at this one as it is a joke at work that I don't want to know about things that they do that aren't right because I won't sleep knowing that we have done the wrong thing !!!).  I also have stress rings - not because I am stressed but because I find it difficult to say no and I internalise things rather than talk about them (never thought I would hear anyone say I don't talk enouhg !!!) - maybe it is just that I am talking about the wrong things !!!  She pretty much wanted to know how come I had gone to see her because clearly I was extremely healthy.  Well I made the appointment to get my metabolism, liver function etc checked out - turns out it is probably the Pill that is stopping my weight loss - bloody oath - definitely going to have to find a way around that.  I don't want to find that I am doing all this hard work and it is being negated by the means I am using to make sure I have no more cherubs !  That is something that we are going to investigate moving forward.  I can't wait to work that one out so that this weight can move - I am too motivated to let a little thing like the Pill stop me from achieving what I want to achieve.

I have so much more to say but figure if you have made it this far you deserve to have a chance to do something more beneficial like have a drink or a soak in the bath or possibly just time to veg out !

Have the best weekend ever !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : The hardest work you will have to do is to learn to depend on your inner self  because you have been taught to look always to someone else - Venice Bloodworth

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  1. Thanks so much for adding your voice to the Speak out initiative, and for all your support. It is amazing, isn't it, how many lives have been touched by violence? It never ceases to amaze me. x


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