Sunday, 20 November 2011

What Happens To Socks ?

Why oh why can I never find my socks ?  I have heard that washing machines and dryers eat one sock each time they are used.  Why do mine seem to eat at least one or two PAIRS of socks each time they are used ?

Now that I am exercising at least 5 out of 7 days, that is 5 pairs of socks that go into the washer and dryer.  At the beginning of the next week, I am lucky if I can find 2 pairs of socks.  Scavenging through A's and K's drawers has yet to net me any more pairs.  I don't know how many pairs of socks I have bought so that I have always got some in the drawer and I have to be honest, I am tired of spending my hard earn money on socks so that I can exercise - especially as I don't like wearing cheap and nasty socks - they have to be good, comfortable socks otherwise I might as well not exercise as all.  There is NOTHING (well maybe there are some things worse) worse than uncomfortable socks when you are exercising - actually, there is nothing worse than anything you are wearing being uncomfortable when you are exercising !!  I would love some help in finding the missing pairs of socks - if anyone has any ideas - please feel free to let me know !

I went and bought 5 pairs of Nike socks - so far three pairs have lasted one week.  Two pairs I am keeping up my sleeve for an emergency situation when I can find no pairs and I am ready to exercise.

Have the best week ever !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

Quiten The Mind
Quiten your mnd to listen to your heart.
With a quiet mind you will hear the truth
in your heart.
Feel your truth and let your true
feelings guide you.
Universal Symbols by Ken Dowling


  1. mmmm when someone finds the answer to the missing socks, let me know !! I always lose one of a pair...and end up with odd socks :-(

  2. I think my daughter is starting a new trend because she has the same problem. She just wears mismatched socks. And let me add that they are VERY mismatched...

  3. LOL yeah I hate the way socks get eaten and I buy expensive socks to exercise in, so watch them like a hawk in the wash lol.

  4. I used to have a container into which I put odd socks as they turned up, alone and abandoned by their mate. On the day that it was so full that no more orphaned socks could fit in I realised that it was futile keeping them. None paired up so out they all went. Doesnt seem to happen as much since there is just two of us.

  5. I always thought I should invest my money in a sock factory. I'd be rich.

  6. Love the nike socks! I have a red pair and they brighten up my day


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