Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another Great Day !

Yesterday morning I went for the run I said I was going to do making it 6/7 - I must have cut a few corners as the normal route was only 3.25kms but I ran it at 6'50"/km which is a fair bit faster than that 7'09"/km that I ran on Friday evening so have to be happy with that.  A came with me on the bike again which was really nice.

Then it was time for the Abonne facial and make-up demo - skin care products feel really good - not so sure I like their make-up range. 

A picked me up and it was time to hit the bathroom and tile showrooms and, after lots of looking and talking and trying things out - we brought some sample tiles home and, depending on the price that someone A used to deal with can get what we need, we might be able to do the bathroom reno AND go to Canada for our 25th instead of just sitting on the floor admiring our new bathroom for our 25th !!!!!  I am very excited to have worked out that we might be able to do both.

We got home from there and spent some time in the bathroom checking tiles out and discussing how we could do things with feature tiles and new tapware etc, and then took a load of stuff to the tip before coming home and getting the bikes out and going for a cycle.  It was really good to get back on the saddle again - 12kms at 20.5kph into a fairly strong head wind for more than half the way - how come it always seems to be that we start off into a head wind and then when we turn around either the wind turns / dies down or we move into a road that is more sheltered and we get no assistance from the wind when we are cycling in the other direction ????????

We spoke about going out somewhere for dinner - like the local bowling club - but they don't have the healthiest food on offer so decided to have L&E at home and just watch some TV.

Today I HAVE to do A's quarterly BAS return, then my Dad's tax return and then my folks are coming over for dinner as it is my Mom's birthday - so a busy day ahead of me and a rest day from exercise as the cycle last night took my exercise to 7/7 - YAY - I beat my goal of 5/7 exercise sessions for the week.

Have a great Sunday !

TFTD : What benefit do you percieve in continuing a behaviour you say you do not prefer ? Bashar  (How true this is for me at the moment !!!)

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