Monday, 17 October 2011

Not So Sunny Monday ....... Actually Bloody Miserable Monday !

This is what the world looks like when I look out of my window at work - man I wish I was at home under the blanket in the lounge room !!

Yesterday I made great food choices and I was so pleased when I went to bed last night knowing that I had done the best that I could with the choices that were available.  L&E meal instead of chicken fajitas (and these would have to be one of my favourite meals but the sour cream, avo and cheese really don't make it a good choice) and fresh strawberries sans dollop cream instead of chocolate mud cake with dollop cream !  The only thing that would have made yesterday a better day was if I had done some exercise - but I didn't and yesterday is gone and I can't go back and change it !!!!!

Have a great week wherever in the world you are and whatever you are doing !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : The future belongs to those who adapt to change - Charles Darwin


  1. At the moment it is not raining, but the clouds are looming.....

  2. I think that good food choices makes more difference than exercise so well done.
    Sad for the Wallabies - we should send them some of your love, hugs and positive energy. Hope your Monday improves.

  3. Well done on your food choices! I am at home snuggled under a blanket with my sick son ... sorry!


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