Sunday, 9 October 2011

The weekend that was

Where did the weekend go to and how come it is nearly finished ?  Guess it would be all the painting that made it go so quickly - the good thing is that the bedroom is now finished - YAY !!!!!
Yesterday we woke up and the weather was miserable.  K got to work only to be told that they weren't opening the park so she had to come home again - not happy as she has been off work since Saturday last week after doing her ACL and not being able to work.  Anyway, the weather was much better today and she went off to work a happy little veggiemite.

Anyway, with the rain there was no point in starting to paint as it just takes too long to dry so I called around as I had bought a fountain pen from kikki.k on Thursday night and it wasn't working properly.  Took it back to Pac Fair and they swopped it without any drama for one that does work - YAY !!!!!

Got home and the weather had cleared and so got stuck into the painting.  K and C were at home watching movies and then they went bowling last night - Al and I stayed at home watching TV - just like Derby and Joan !!

This morning woke up and the weather was lovely so got stuck into the painting and washing and got them both finished in time to watch the second half of the Australia / South Africa quarter final. I have to be honest I didn't think we were going to win it but we managed to pull it out the bag with not much time to spare.  I did make a conscious decision to eat some grain waves and have some Amarula while watching the game with the knowledge that, while it might slow my weight loss down for my holiday, they will not stop me getting to my goal before we leave.

Well, I had better go and get dinner started as we are having people over and all I have done so far is make the milk tart this morning for dessert tonight.  I hope that you have all had as productive a weekend as I have - while I didn't get out much, I do feel good about what I have managed to get done and be able to cross off my To Do List.  Now to be able to find some nice writing paper so that I can use my fountain pen.  Just now A is going to ban me from buying pens - I have so many of them - but I LOVE writing with nice pens - I never use a cheap, grotty pen - now, to learn how to be able to write nicely !!!!  Maybe I should learn the script that kikki.K use as I do like that !!!!

Have a great week everyone and take care ! 


  1. Reg and I watched the game too. Reg was so thrilled we won :-) and my joy was to see him happy.

    I share your joy in owning and using a good pen and not a horrid scratchy one. They might say that a bad workman blames his tools but I have always said you cannot do a great job without great tools. It has been raining n and off here too, but only enough to bring a gardener joy, not enough to hamper life. :-). Have a great evening Me :-)


  2. I'm glad you had a productive weekend. My plans went a bit haywire this weekend as we had a bit of grotty weather on Saturday.

    Funny I was thinking of you and wondering who you'd be rooting for in RWC game. Oh well I guess the Transtasman rivallry will be on again now, lol.

  3. Hi Chris - I am Linda. I used to blog a few years ago until I moved across to Facebook but with all the changes that are happening on there, I decided to come back to blogging. I am trying, again, to lose the excess kilos that I am carrying.
    I live on the Gold Coast in Australia having immigrated with my family here from South Africe nearly 12 years ago.
    Have a great day !


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