Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My Dear Friends Kathy, Reg and Not Forgetting Indigo

Finally I have found the photos of when A and I met Kathy, Reg and Indigo - in the flesh - down at Murwullimbah.  I had been friends with Kathy for quite a long time but we had never managed to meet up.  How lovely it was to hear that they were going be only 1.5-2 hrs drive away.  We drove down on Friday afternoon and stayed for dinner and had such a great time - I was really sad when it was time to leave to come home.  The time that we were there just flew by - Kathy is such a great story teller and I just loved listening to her talking about her family.  If you ever get a chance to catch up with Kathy, Reg and Indigo - be sure to take it because you better believe that if another opportunity presents itself for me to spend time with them, I will be grabbing it with both hands !

Take care and have a great evening !

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