Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lemons and Lemonade

I recently suggested to someone that she should make lemonade when life handed her lemons and I see that is what I now have to do !!!!!

All I can is that I love my life and I am grateful for what we have.  We are all happy and healthy and we don't have a bad life.  When I hear of what other people have to endure, I am extremely grateful for my lot in life.

Then things start to go pear shaped and I realise that I have to hold onto the thought of being grateful for what I have.  It seems that lately every time I turn around there is something else that is broken / not working like it should / needs to be replaced and I wonder if our travel plans to Canada for our 25th are ever going to happen.  And then when I really think about it I realise that if we don't get to Canada for our 25th, the sun will still come up tomorrow and that I really should be happy that I am not living in the shoes of the Mom whose child was killed by a drunk driver (or any driver for that matter), or the wife of someone who has had a stroke and is reliant on me for most things, or the friend of someone who is desparately ill - it is just the material things that are falling down around me and, so long as it isn't the house, it is all good !

On that note I am off to finish cleaning up the water that leaked into my kitchen cupboard which are all disintegrating because of I guess previous water leaks over the years and to look at the dishes piling up because I can't wash them until I get the leak fixed.  Have just checked the lasagne that I was in the middle of making when I found the leak and then forgot to go back and thicken up the white sauce until it was too late so it is a little runny - oh well, if anyone doesn't like dinner tonight they are more than welcome to have some toast.  I am going to be having my L&E meal (hope they don't think I didn't care about their dinner because I was having L&E !!!!).

A just called to say he should be home between 7.30-8pm - poor bugger is then going to have to get on his hands and knees to see if he can find the problem with the leaking tap - the joys of being the Man Of The House !!!

Have the best week possible !

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