Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunny Sunday !

We have the most beautiful weather here today - totally unexpected after the weather we had yesterday.

I have a line full of washing and at least another two loads to get done so as soon as the first lot is dry I can bring it in and put the next load out.  Hopefully by the end of today the washing will all be up to date.

For lunch today I had banana on a roll - it was delicious.  It would have to be maybe a year or two since I bought bananas because I refuse to pay $7 upwards for them.  Last week I found some at a fruit and veg store near where I work for $3.99/kg together with 2 x 500g punnets of strawberries for $4.00.  We had the strawberries with cream on Friday night for dessert when we had friends over for dinner and they were fantastic.  There were a few left which I am going to have this afternoon for my snack.

K has taken her car to get the backseat and carpet shampooed.  We went out this morning but people were quoting $100 to do it and that is just ridiculous.  Then we went and got groceries for tonight and a couple of other things so the car was probably closed for about 45 mins or so - well when we got back in I was dry retching - the smell was just awful - so we quickly got going and I rode the whole way home with my head out the window - I was very pleased to get out the car when we got home and so grateful we only stay 2kms down the road from the local shopping centre !!!!

Have a fantastic Sunday and take care.

Be present in the here and now, right now.
This is the only moment you ever have, so live it.
Be in each moment to receive its learning
to find your way back to your true self.
The past and future do not exist, only the now does.
Healing Cards by Ken Dowling

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