Friday, 28 October 2011

Can You Help ?

On Wednesday night I went for a run.  And I enjoyed it.  I ran more than I have run recently in terms of only walking 6 short lamp posts.  One good thing is that I worked out why my Nike+ tracker wasn't uploading anymore - we hadn't downloaded the program onto the new hard drive that we had installed and it couldn't read the old hard drive that is still in there (or something like that - I have no idea what is going on with it when A is explaining - I just want to switch it on and have it work be nice to me and do what I ask of it !)
This is what my Nike+ Sportband looks like - the little red and white thingie goes into my shoes
the watch goes on my arm and the USB thingie is what I take out of the band to upload the data
onto the computer.  The low battery that I was worried about the other day, is, in fact, not an issue - leave the USB
plugged into the computer overnight and it is all charged up and ready to go again !!!!

So my question is this - is it better to run more and walk less but at a slower overall pace or run less and walk more at a quicker pace ?  These are my times from the run I did on Monday morning and Wednesday evening :
Monday 3.34kms - 22'50" at 6'50"/km and 277 cal
Wednesday 4.35kms - 30'36" at 7'01"/km and 361 cal

I felt really good running last night but have to say that I wondered what people thought when if they saw me as they drove past.  Did anyone look at the porky fat curvaceous lady shuffling jogging running down the road and think "Man, she really shouldn't be out there subjecting us to that sight" or did someone I know drive past and think "Gee - there is L - she looks like she is doing really well running head first in that gale force really strong head wind".  Should I even care about what other people think of me when I am exercising or should I just say "Hey, you know what - at least I am doing something !".  Of course you always get those dick knuckleheads who think it is soooooooooooooooo funny to drive up really close to you and then hoot - he was lucky that he was driving so fast because my ninja kick would have broken his window if he had been closer !!!

I love it when I am in the groove with exercising - I just wish I could get up in the mornings and get it done and out the way for the day.  Maybe once I get take control of my sleeping habits - that will be a goal of mine.  Wake up at 5am every week day so that I can go running.  Having said that, now that my Nike+ thingie is working, it is more motivating to get out running no matter what time of the day because I love getting home and going straight to the computer to upload my time (OK when I have had a not so good run, I am not such an eager beaver to upload the data !!!) - the funny thing with this is that I am probably the least competitive person that I know so why the eagerness to see my time ! I have no idea.

I made my 5/7 exercise days this week - YAY because I think this will be the first time I make it (for whatever reasons excuses I haven't made it before !!!)

Do you have a set exercise routine or do you just do whatever you feel like it when you feel like it ?

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Never mistake motion for action - Ernest Hemingway


  1. I walk with a friend after she finishes her school cleaning job at 7.30am...but if she can't walk for some reason I love to go at the early morning walks, just me and my music (I wear earphones and listen to upbeat songs I have downloaded).
    When I am on my own to, I walk to the beat of the music...some of it occassionaly gets me running...wellllllllll shuffling anyways :-)


  2. Well done on the weight loss!! Don't worry what people who drive you thing ... they are DRIVING you are acutaly doing! When I was able to run I would run at my pace which is what i think you call shuffling, but would always feel better doing that than just walking. I did a weights class this week and my thighs are so friggen sore it hurts to move at all!

  3. Not so sure whether running is better or walking is better. But I walk a lot more than running. But why should we care what other people think when we are doing something good. There is always someone who likes to make that odd comment even if it is a good thing.


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