Friday, 7 October 2011


Well another good day for me yesterday.  Training was awful - I was by myself as K's knee is still worrying her - man did he work me hard.  I know it is what I need but after I don't know how many punches, push ups and sit ups, I was really to fall over more than anything else.  And, my arms are telling me all about it again today !  Oh well - all for a good cause.

We went to Robina last night for me to look at a fountain pen from kikki.K.  I have a 'thing' about stationery - I love writing with nice pens.  Anyway, I had seen their fountain pens and wanted to get one - then when I got the e-mail saying that they were having a 25% off everything sale decided that this would be the time to buy it.  Got there and they only had two - one pen from two ranges - no pens from the other two ranges - how can you be a stationery shop and not have stock of fountain pens ?????  Anyway, after lots of trying out I bought the one that felt the best.  Got to work today only to find that it works - in patches - when it feels like it. Sooooooooo now I have to take it back and see if they can find another one for me from another store - BUGGER !!!!  I hate it when I buy something and it doesn't work.

On our way down A was saying how he had heard that the price of oil per barrel had come down so how come the price of petrol hadn't come down seeing as it always goes up when the price of oil goes up.  I said that is because it is like fat - quick to go up and so slow to come down again !!!!!

Finishing our bedroom is on the cards this weekend - hopefully it will happen so we can put everything back where it is supposed to go and we can stop having to step over things in the wrong place.  The good thing (for now anyway) is that A is not supposed to be working so I may even have some help with moving the doors which will mean that I will get them done a lot quicker !!

Seeing as we are saving madly for our holiday next year for our 25th wedding anniversay (and the reason for my renewed efforts at getting rid of these excess kilos) this TFTD seemed rather apt.

TFTD : Why live in a soap opera when you can star in a great love story ?

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