Thursday, 6 October 2011

Great Dinner !

We had a great evening last night.  The voucher we had was $35 for the two of us which turned out to be really good value for money.

We started with two slices of ciabatta with herb and garlic butter.  Then two butterflied prawns with a chilli type of sauce (which I scraped off), A had two little spoons of thai beef with some lovely flavours on it.  Then we had two wee little cups of cream of vegetable soup which was just delicious.  A ordered steak for main but got chicken as they screwed the order up but he was fine with that and I had the fish (barramundi) on a warm pumpkin salad.  For dessert there was panacotta with poached berries. I was a little hesitant about this dessert as I don't like creme caramel and it looked very similar but I had a little taste and it was just fantastic - the contrast of taste with the berries was just amazing.  A had a cup of coffee afterwards and then we went home - too late to go to the movies so we will go another night.  What a great evening we had - it was just perfect !

My weigh in this morning saw a loss of 2kgs which is great (although it was 2.5kgs yesterday morning !!!) - but that is OK - I know that it will come off in the end especially if I keep my focus on the goal at the end which is to look good in our holiday photos.

I need to try to get to the travel agent this week / weekend as we need to start planning where we are going to go and what we are going to do.  We bought a Lonely Planets for Cananda on Monday night and then when I went to the home of a client on Tuesday night she gave me one that they had but had never used as their plans to go to Canada had fallen through.  So will wait to see just how outdated her copy is when the one we bought arrives and then decide whether to keep the new one or just go with the old one and get a refund on the new one.

I have been reading the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior and I am really enjoying it - so much so I think I need to buy the e-book so that I can keep it and refer back to it when I know that my head is not in the right place.  A lady I work with has the movie which she said she would lend to me so hopefully I can get to watch it soon.

Have a terrific Thursday !

TFTD : The ego tells you to fill space. Your spirit tells you to let space fill you.


  1. Hi Me. Great to see you back blogging. Feels like the good days again. xxx

    Congratulations on your loss. That's awesome. Keep it up and don't lose sight of the end goal.

    PS: Had to post as anonymous as it wouldn't let be post otherwise.

  2. BTW - its Lee-Anne, lol. Not anonymous.

  3. Thanks Lee-Anne - I wondered who it was to start with - glad you posted the second comment !!!

    Have a great evening and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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