Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Universe is Laughing .............. at Me !

You know how you are going along sometimes thinking that things are going really well for you and your family - I have a relatively well paid job with reasonable stress levels to cope with, A has a permanent job which is good although he does land up having to work too much overtime, K is a happy and well adjusted young adult - and then I have a morning like I did today and I think that the universe is laughing at me - having a joke at my expense - just like this picture says :
(Sorry the pic is a bit big but I can't make it smaller and it says exactly what I think !!)

Last night I eventually switched my light off at about 3.45am.  At 6am I was rudely awakened with a telephone call (that A never heard) from one of his work colleagues.  Needless to say he was not a popular man - if I could have squeezed through the phone and throttled him I would have.  Well by the time I had got out of bed, run down the passage, through the diningroom and into the kitchen to get the phone, the call had gone to voicemail.  Outside it was absolutely bucketing down and I lay in bed - awake - unable to go back to sleep.  Geez I was annoyed.

I had about 5 or 6 loads of washing to do which I couldn't get done because of the weather.  So I got up to find that the dishwasher had broken and the dishes from dinner last night had not been done.  I washed all the dishes and left them to drip dry.  Then found that my husband, who is normally really good around the house, has taken to opening cupboards and leaving them open - why, I have absolutely no idea, but after closing the cupboard in the bedroom, then the door for the cups, then the door for the coffee and then closing the bin lid - I lost the plot a little with him before he went off to work.

Then I went to get onto the internet only to find that the computer wasn't working and then when I got it working, the internet connection was down.  It was at this point that I stopped what I was doing and started to laugh to myself.  Clearly there is some karma which was coming back to bite me on the butt !!!!!  But it was all good.  I called one of my best friends and made arrangements to meet up with her at Robina as I was going there to pick up a couple of things and catch up with K who was baby sitting down that side of town the whole day.

Whenever I think I am having a bad time, meeting up with this friend is enough to remind me of how much I have to be grateful for !!!  She has two daughters - 5 yrs and 18 months - and she has a husband who is as good as another child !!!  No matter when we get together we always have heaps of laughs - well normally I have more laughs than she does but we always have a great time and I leave her, more grateful for the life that I have when I compare myself to her lot in life !!!!

I bought a short sleeved top that I can wear over my sleeveless tops (I am now at the age where I don't like my arms in sleeveless tops !!) and a file to keep all our holiday preparation stuff together, a new notebook to put next to my bed for the things I wake up in the middle of the night thinking "I must remember to do xyz tomorrow" because that way I don't have to lie awake trying to make sure I remember what I need to do.

Finally I managed to find some pretty writing paper - seems like because nobody writes letters with a pen anymore, not many stores sell writing paper - all I was able to find until today has been exam pads.  Now that I have my fountain pen (I have a 'thing' for nice pens) I wanted to write real letters to my two aunts in South Africa rather than sending them e-mails but didn't want to use horrible lined white / blue paper.  On my way home I stopped off to find out about getting K's back seat and carpet shampooed - am sure the price of $60 they quoted was incorrect so she can take her car there tomorrow for them to see that it isn't really that bad as she did a great job of getting rid of the 'bits' and it is just the smell that is lingering.

After that I popped in to see my folks.  Dad was lying down but got up when he heard me arrive and we sat chatting and laughing for a while.  Then I came home and wrote my letters - jeepers, think I might have to go and practice writing again !!!!!!!  I am definitely not used to writing for that period of time so there was very little consistency in my writing.

Not too long after I got home, the black clouds came over and we had the most almighty storm - thunder, lightening, some hail and heaps of rain - bucketing down.  K called to say that she was going to wait the storm out at Robina shopping centre where she was.  A called to say that he was going to wait out the storm at Pacific Fair where he was - and I sat the storm out at home !!!!  The dogs are not afraid of the storm but their ears prick up with every clap of thunder.  Eventually it passed and then K came home and A was on his way home when he turned around and went back to try to get the call testing finished but he couldn't download the scripts so landed up coming home anyway.

C had called just as K got home to ask when the rugby was on and I said for him to come over for dinner and watch the rugby here - so he did.  We had recorded the game and so when A got home we sat and watched.  Then ordered pizza for dinner and then watched the rest of the game.  K is totally upset because Wales lost but really, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory - all they had to do was get one of the missed kicks in and they would have won. Oh well - I hope we play better tomorrow than we did against SA otherwise we are in for a thrashing of note.  Surely we couldn't play that badly two weeks in a row ???????????

Tomorrow I have to do all the washing if the weather is good - actually I may have to do it even if the weather isn't good and just have it around the house with fans on drying it out.  K isn't working tomorrow (not sure why last night I thought she was working) so will try to get her car sorted out.

Am off to watch game 5 of the Brewers / Cardinals game even though we know who won - will be interesting to see who makes it through to the World Series.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

Love, hugs and positive energy !

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