Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dinner Tonight

Tonight A and I are going out on a date - to dinner - at The Boatshed - (with a voucher - but that is by the by).  Recently we have just not been able to spend much time together given the long hours that he has been working, so I am quite looking forward to the evening.  K is going to drop friends at the airport and then watch a movie so won't be home until later.  We will be like Derby and Joan - I am sure we will enjoy ourselves.

The special is a fish special so I am going to ask for my fish to be grilled.  I can't remember what the other courses are (there are 4 but I think that may be a bit of a stretch - will tell you tomorrow !).  Depending on the weather and the time when I get home from work I will try to go for a walk tonight because I wasn't able to exercise last night BUT, if I don't get to exercise, that will be my two days of no exercise this week and I am sure that I will be fine on Fri / Sat / Sun to get some exercise in - even if it is carting doors from the bedroom to the garage to paint them !!!!!

I am a little excited about my weigh-in tomorrow morning - I have been doing really well this week foodwise and making healthy choices when I have had choices to make - will be posting my results tomorrow too.

Have a great afternoon and evening !

TFTD : Your decisions are honourable because they are your own - Source unknown

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