Saturday, 29 October 2011

Great Run !

Had a great run last night - the middle 2.2kms were run with no walks at all - WOOHOO !!!  Great news, I only walked 3 short lamp posts in the whole 3.4kms.  My time was unmonitored as I got 800m into the run when I realised that I hadn't pushed my watch twice to get it started !!!!  A was on the bike next to me (he has a dicky knee and so can't run) and he said that we were 800m from home - so all in all the run was my 3.4 route but I don't know the exact time - annoying but what can I do (apart from remember to switch my watch on properly you ask ??????)  Not sure if I will be running later this morning - A was talking about getting up early to do a tip run (no, not running to the tip, taking all the cr*p lying around the place to the tip !!!) so if he is up and moving I will get up and run.  Then home to shower and change, off for a mini facial with a client who is becoming an Arbonne distributor, then time to hit the bathroom showrooms and tile places so that we can do a costing for the bathroom and make a decision one way or the other - are we going to do the bathroom reno and maybe have to spend our 25th wedding anniversary sitting in the bathroom or do we maybe leave it for now and go to Canada instead !  Which would you rather do ?

Last night we went to see Warrior - what a great movie !  A bit cliched at times but I really enjoyed it - the one thing that I would have liked was maybe a little less fighting but that is purely for selfish reasons - I hate seeing people fight !!!!!  Other than a little too much fighting - I loved the story and the passion of the guys.  Thank you Lite and Easy for the movie tickets - so glad I waited until the last day to use them otherwise we wouldn't have seen the movie which only opened yesterday.

My food yesterday wasn't that fantastic - my boss and I went out to our factory at Yatala and got back only to find that neither of us had keys to get back into the office so we went to Subway to wait for someone to bring us keys.  I said I would just have a drink but he bought a foot long and gave me half and after protesting for about 5 mins I shut up and ate it.  Mistake Hiccup # 1 - I should have stuck to my guns and told him to take it home if he didn't want to eat it himself.

Hiccup #2 - went to Robina to get the tickets for the movie as I knew it was going to be tight getting home, going for a run and then getting down to the movies and my boss asked me to pick up something for him while I was there - not difficult to do except that I didn't know where the shop was and so by the time I had gone to information and then got to the shop - had to go past The Cookie Man and landed up getting two brandy snaps and two chocolate fairies - man I enjoyed them !!!  But then .........

Hiccup #3 - went past some bakery with snail hazelnuts and before I knew it - I had bought one and finished eating it before I realised that I had done that - mindless eating at it's best.  I get very disappointed with myself when I do this as I have tried really hard the past 4 weeks not to eat mindlessly - clearly I have to try harder with this lesson.

Hiccup # 4- sharing a packet of wine gums with A at the movies - I could have done so much better than wine gums !!!

Hiccup #5 (bet you are wondering just how many mistakes hiccups I can have in one day !!!!) - after the movie A said - would you like a milkshake - yes great idea !!!!  So McD drive through here we come - not only did I have a milkshake but I had a Chocolate Sensations with Oreos !!!  Again - gee I enjoyed it BUT I DIDN'T NEED HICCUPS 1, 2, 3, 4 OR 5 in my life.

Even if A doesn't do a tip run, after writing this all down - I need HAVE to go for a run so on that note I am out of here !!!!

Have an absolutely fantastic Saturday - anything exciting planned ?

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving - Kahlil Gibran

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  1. grrrrrrr all those hiccups are annoying...BUT a few good excersise runs will help...good luck !
    I had our ww group forum today, a 7.30 start so I was up and walking just after 5.30am, home showered breakfast, had my lifesaving mug of coffee and on the road by 7.10qm...a great day was had by us all :-)


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