Saturday, 15 October 2011

I HATE Inconsiderate People !

This is what I feel like doing to someone !

My Mom always told me that hate was a very strong word and that I shouldn't use it - sorry Mom, tonight I am using it !!!!  About 6 months ago, K was the designated driver when she went out with some friends and, on the way home, despite her pulling over to the side of the road, one girl was so wasted she missed throwing up outside and threw up inside her car.  This was the car that she had bought about 6 months before she got her licence and, despite the car being older than her, she was upset over the incident.  The girl did not offer to clean the car nor did she pay towards having the car cleaned - pretty much didn't care about what she had done to someone else's property.  K got home and cleaned it up herself with only some verbal support from me because, unfortunately(or fortunately in some instances) if I get a whiff of vomit or anything with an 'off'' smell, I will throw up as well.  K said that that was the last time she was going to give a lift to someone who was wasted.

Today she went to the wedding of a work colleague.  Once again she was the designated driver and once again someone threw up in her car.  The difference is that this is a new car that she bought two weeks ago.  A 2007 Kia Rio that was in mint condition.  The girl who threw up apparently had only had 3 or 4 drinks over a 10 hr period.  She did stop at a servo and the girl did try to clean it up a bit but I am not sure whether she made it better or worse.  She did also give K $100 to get the car cleaned but as K is working the weekend, she doesn't know when she will be able to get it done.  So when the car is closed up and parked out in the sun at work - how bad is the smell going to get ? 

I wanted to go and get the girl and make her sleep in the car with the smell but that would probably make her repeat what she did earlier.  I wanted to tell K to never give a lift to someone who had been drinking but what would be the point ?   What 19 year old listens to their Mom tell them that they shouldn't give a lift to someone who has been drinking ?  I wanted her to come to that conclusion by herself. And she did !  On one of her forays into the kitchen to empty the water that she had in the bucket and get some more clean water, she stood in the doorway and said "That's it.  I am not going to give anyone a lift home from a function / going out for the night.  I will give them a lift there but they will have to find their own way home.  I don't care if they have to catch a taxi. What I am cleaning up is just disgusting and I am not going to do this again."  YAY for her coming to that realisation by herself.

Is it just generation who don't give a rats about things that don't belong to them ?  Why are they so inconsiderate ?  What gives them the right to behave like this ?  She didn't say how upset she was about this incident but when she was finished cleaning it as best she could, she went and washed her hands, took her contacts out and then came and cuddled up next to me on the couch - it has been a while since she did that and gives me a good indication of how much this upset her.  Her new car pretty much defaced.  She has gone to bed and I am off to give her a cuddle before hitting my bed - will I be able to sleep tonight - probably not because I am stewing over this.  I know that this is not my issue and that there is nothing I can do about it - but I will stew on it at least until tomorrow or Sunday and then I will be fine.  Needless to say this isn't going to do my sleeping habits any good.  For about 20 years I have slept approxiamtely 3- 5 hrs per night - not always because of a little child, not because of a sick husband, not because I was sick - but because, for 8 years we worked two jobs, the second of which we finished working between midnight and 1am 4-5 nights per week and because I cannot switch my mind off.  Most nights it is like I am on an old fashioned record and just keep going around and around - not worrying about anything, just an active mind. So even on the nights we didn't work, we never went to bed before midnight anyway.   Since quitting our second jobs, I have been trying to get to bed to sleep by 10 - 10.30pm - unless K is out, then we generally stay up until she gets home, unless I cannot keep my eyes open in which case she wakes A up when she gets home and then if I wake during the night I nudge him to find out if she is home yet (he sleeps at the drop of a hat so no trouble to him if she wakes him up - in fact he can fall asleep in the middle of talking to me - so annoying when I can't sleep !!!).  Maybe tonight I will take my eReader to bed with me - I am not supposed to read in bed because apparently my body has to learn that my bed is for sleeping and making love - not reading !!!!!!  I don't know if I can turn off my mind tonight so maybe I will read and see what happens.

A has to work the whole weekend so maybe I could take her to work and then take the car and get it cleaned.  I have a huge pile of laundry to do and I have shopping to do - what I do will depend on the weather and, more importantly, on what I feel like doing !!  Maybe I will spend some time reading because now that I don't read in bed, I hardly seem to read at all and I really miss it - I love reading and would normally read about 3-5 books per week - when you read for 2-3 hrs per night, it isn't that hard to get through so many !!!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Love, hugs and positive energy !


  1. Oh dear, some great material in there for a novel ME.

    Great to let it all out. Vent the emotion. Good on you.

  2. Oh I am going to be so cheeky here Me but I did a word count and you wrote 1,148 words of description and passion about life. Did you know you only have to write 1,665 words a day for 30 days to have a 50,000 thousand word first draft for a novel.

    Come join NaNoWriMo and write a novel in November, lol, just leave yourself time to read mine and lol, I'll be there to help guide you too...;-)

    Now there's a challenge to think about.

  3. LOL Kathy - the only trouble is that most of the time my writing is just ramblings of my day and nothing that could go into a novel.

    The other sticking point is what would I write about - I have very little in the way of imagination and my life isn't exactly anything that someone would want to read about !!!!

    But thank you for thinking of me and making the suggestion - it would definitely be a challenge !!!!!!

  4. Sorry - meant to say that I will always have time to read for you !!!!


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