Monday, 24 October 2011

I Am So Happy ....

This morning I had to go to the dr and so I only had to leave home at about 8am instead of 7am to get to work as I normally do.  (Sorry - going to the dr didn't make me happy - the next bit of the story made me happy !!!).  Anyway, I set my alarm for 7am instead of the normal 6am - figured I could sleep an extra hour seeing as I was going to leave an hour later - but was awake at about 6.20 so decided to get up and go for a run (very excited because now I can actually track how far and how fast I am running IF I push the right bloody button !!!) due to the fact that we are off to look at dishwashers straight after work and then tonight I promised my Dad I would do his tax return so had been wondering when I was going to get a chance to run.

So I got out there and ran - felt better than I did last week - got home and COULDN'T BLOODY UPLOAD MY RUN !!!!  OK - I was happy to have been running but extremely unhappy at not being able to upload the information.  Unfortantely I didn't have time to fiddle around with it before I left for work so will have to have a look at it this evening when I get home.

I am so happy that I went running this morning - 1/7 down and planning on making it 5/7 by the end of Friday.

Have the best week ever !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : Everything worthwhile, everything of any value, has its price.  Everything anyyone has ever wanted has come neatly wrapped up in its penalties - Loretta Young


  1. Exercise is a great way to start the day. Mind you although I know this I still cant get out of bed. Well done.


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