Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hump Day

These are the shoes I am going to wear when I go running tonight - with my tracker thingie in so I can see just how well (or not) I did.  There is sure to be more walking than when I stopped running - but that is what happens when you get lazy stop running.  And I am OK with that (I think !!)

First I need to stop in and see my Mom who is not well and just make sure that they have everything they need - then home, get changed and get out there.  Actually, if A is home I might just go walking with him (he has a dodgy knee due to breaking his leg 2 weeks before we got married and can't run on the road) - we have spent very little time together lately due to the long hours that he has been working.  We need to stay connected otherwise everything else will turn to poo !

I have lots going on in my head at the moment but the blog I wanted to post was so 'all over the place', I doubt anyone could have followed what I was saying in it so need to find some quiet time to get it into some semblance of order / logic.

Have a wonderful Wednesday !

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : When obligations overshadow inspiration, our priorities have become inverted - Alan Cohen

Update : A just called he is on his way home from Brisbane so I will pop in and see my Mom and then go walking with him rather than running by myself - my tracker thingie can have another night off !!!!  Does this count as piking on my run ??????

Another Update : Thanks Hippygal - although in the end A got stuck behind the accident on Captain Cook bridge and so still isn't home (6.15pm).  I got home and decided to go for a run only my tracker thingie didn't bloody work did it !!!!  So annoyed as if I am going to run I LOVE to know what my time is which is the reason I have taken so long to get back into running - I have been scared of what it would be !!!!  Anyway, a rough time was 21.5mins for 3.4kms based on the distance of previous runs on the same route.  My right calf gave me a little bit of jook so am going to have a nice bath now - read for a while and then sit with my leg up on ice and hopefully get a heap of knitting out the way so I can start on my blankets again.

Have a fantastic evening everyone !

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  1. No doesn't count as piking - have an awesome walk :-)


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