Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Best Friends !

I love that my husband and I are best friends.  I love that we do everything together.  I love that he would prefer to come home and spend time with me rather than go drinking at the pub with work colleagues.  I love that we go to footy games together and have similar interests in TV shows and movies.  I love that he wouldn’t have gone on a RWC cruise unless I went with him (but as I hate not having terra firma beneath my feet there was no way I was going on the cruise plus we are saving for our holiday to Canada next year for our 25thanniversary !!!).  I love that we are both happy to drive for 1 hr to go to dinner at a restaurant that we really like rather than settle for somewhere closer just so that we don’t have the long drive.

Sometimes I wonder if the relationship we have is a healthy one because it is so different from the relationships of other people.  I know that we can’t all be the same but we often sit and say “Do you think it is strange that ……………………… ?” when in fact, people might be saying exactly the same about us !!!!  Only we don’t find it strange – we find it normal because after doing it for nearly 24 years, it has become second nature – like how our hands slip together when we hold hands, how we fit together when we spoon in bed, how we can be together for hours without saying a word and it not being uncomfortable.

There have been times when I have not liked him or myself over things that have happened but I have never stopped loving him.  Recently I have come across really interesting blogs - many of which have made me realise just how fortunate I am.  When I think back on the times in our lives when I thought that life was just too tough and I didn't know how I was going to cope, I realise that I didn't have it nearly as  bad as some people.  I have always had the support of my family and A - no matter what.  I have read blogs recently of people who had lost loved ones through accidents or suicide or stupid drunk drivers, people who have buried their husbands or children or parents, people who have been abused, people who have feared for their lives, people who have got divorced and become single parents and I realise that no matter how bad things were for me, they can never compare to what these amazing, strong, resilient people have got through.  Yes, there have been times when they wondered if they would make it and there were times when I was reading their stories when I was really pulling for them to make it and then I read a few months later that they did and I am happy for them. 

Thank you to all of you for giving me a new appreciation for all that I have - we have worked hard for what we have but I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to provide a lovely home for our family and friends to share with us.

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : Gratitude for what is provides the strongest platform for expanding into what could be - Alan Cohen


  1. Awwww this is a beautiful post.

  2. I agree, beautiful post.

    I too am lucky, despite all that we as a family have been thro, my husband has stood next to me as my best everything :-)


  3. I hope you showed this one to your man. Such a gorgeous post xx


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